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Does hard work build commitment to use a product?


I’ve struggled with getting organized for years.  Recently, I’ve tried out lots of “Getting Things Done” (GTD) task management apps to help me change my daily routines. In the reviews, I saw things like “it’s hard to use, but once you’ve mastered it, it’s amazing!” (e.g., ThinkingRock, Omnifocus). That reminded me of a common counter-argument... Read more

NoVa UX Presentation on Iterative Process of Action Design

Hey Folks, Last night I spoke at Jim Lane‘s  NoVa UX Meetup, along with Alex Kalinovsky from CreamTec. I spoke about the method we’re developing at HelloWallet for designing products that help people change their behavior —  Action Design.  I tried something new, focusing on the iterative process and reusable  skills you can use at various parts... Read more

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