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Does hard work build commitment to use a product?

I’ve struggled with getting organized for years.  Recently, I’ve tried out lots of “Getting Things Done” (GTD) task management apps to help me change my daily routines. In the reviews, I saw things like “it’s hard to use, but once you’ve mastered it, it’s amazing!” (e.g., ThinkingRock, Omnifocus). That reminded me of a common counter-argument […] Read more

Slides on Fogg & Speek; Next Action Design DC Meetup

Thanks for everyone that came out to the Action Design DC meetup last week. And thanks to Lab49 for sponsoring the food and drinks! We’ve posted up the slides, here they are: Danny Boice’s talk on Persuasive Design, using examples from Speek: DC Action Design Meetup – March 2013 from Danny Boice My talk, digging […] Read more

NoVa UX Presentation on Iterative Process of Action Design

Hey Folks, Last night I spoke at Jim Lane‘s  NoVa UX Meetup, along with Alex Kalinovsky from CreamTec. I spoke about the method we’re developing at HelloWallet for designing products that help people change their behavior —  Action Design.  I tried something new, focusing on the iterative process and reusable  skills you can use at various parts […] Read more