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I’m the head research guy at HelloWallet, where we develop products that help people take control of their finances — to figure out where their money is going, pay off debts, and save for the future.  I have the joy of running experiments with our academic advisers, providing behavioral feedback on application design, and working with some awesome product and UX folks.

I’m a behavioral social scientist by training, and am fascinated with the rapidly growing experimental evidence on how we humans make decisions.  Before starting up this dedicated blog, I’ve wrote on the  main HelloWallet site about how my family and I have been applying this experimental research in our own lives to improve our finances.

Action Design is my attempt to formalize our experiences at HelloWallet on building behavior-change products.  We’ve slowly learned ways to translate the research literature into something practical, accessible, and effective for building products.  So, I’m trying to write up that experience  into something that is useful for others — especially  product managers and user interface / user experience types.  Let’s see how it goes.

By the way — to avoid horrible grammar and keep things personal, the “I” in this blog usually refers to me,  but all of us will be posting stuff on the blog at times — as we hope you will as well.



I’m also a lawyer, and worked in the private and public sectors in DC before embarking on a career in technology.I’m an expert in product strategy, development, and management.  I lead the product team at HelloWallet.  Prior to joining HelloWallet, I helped NPR become a leader in digital news and cultural programming, running the teams that built NPR’s award-winning products for the web, mobile web, iPhone / iPad, Android, internet-connected cars and TVs, and publishing tools.  I have extensive experience in business partnerships and handled some of NPR’s most valuable strategic relationships.



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