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Workshop Slides and Booklet

This week, I had the pleasure of leading two workshops at the UX Week 15 conference in San Francisco, about my book Designing for Behavior Change. We had maybe 70 folks in each workshop, and it was a fun group.   It was also probably the last time I’ll present about the book (I’m working on other […] Read more

Cool products w/ behavioral econ nudges?

Hi everyone, I could use your quick help. I’m writing a new book chapter on the application of behavioral econ and psych “nudges” in consumer products, and collecting examples to include / interview. Which ones would you suggest I add to the list? I have obvious ones like Stickk, Timeful, Opower, HelloWallet, Jawbone, Fitbit, etc, […] Read more

Behavioral Tricks for Better Holiday Spending

How can you get through the holidays without blowing your budget and stressing out over money? I did a fun webcast for TD Ameritrade that shows you how to use  lessons from behavioral economics in your holiday shopping. It’s now available online, right here (jump straight to the meat of the video here: It includes: Tips […] Read more

My new book, Designing for Behavior Change, has just been published!

O’Reilly has just published my book, Designing for Behavior Change! I received my first printed copy on Friday, and Amazon started carrying it Monday. (It’s here on O’Reilly, use “DESBECH” for 30% off print and “WKUXDES” for the e-book, or here on Amazon). Behavioral technologies are increasingly popular and exciting, from products like Jawbone Up and Fitbit […] Read more

Draft Toolkit On How To Design For Behavior Change

The first draft of the Designing for Behavior Change toolkit is now available. Please check it out and drop me a line with comments and suggestions! Here it is:  Toolkit v0.1 (If you’d like updated copies of the Toolkit as it progresses, just add yourself to the listserv here.) The toolkit provides a brief summary […] Read more

Why is A/B Testing so hard to stomach?

In my daily life and conversations with other companies, I hear comments like this pretty often:  “A/B tests are a waste of time. They take a long time to run, they make us display a bad version of the product to some  users, and they usually fail to show anything.” I’ve thought about this a […] Read more

ADDC Slides

For those of you who missed Spencer Gerrol’s entertaining, thought provoking talk about Behavior Change and Data Visualization for Health, here are his slides. Also, I’ve just received Jon Zinman’s slides for his talk: Using Behavior Economics to Help Income Families Save.  You can download them in Powerpoint format. The  next Action Design Meetup will be […] Read more