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Temptation Bundling: ADDC Slides and Video

Hey everyone, The slides from Tuesday’s Action Design DC Meetup are now up. Many thanks to John Beshears and Katy Milkman for their insightful talk on how behavioral economics is being used to improve people’s health. Here are the slides:     We have the video up on Vimeo, as well, but it’s it not... Read more

My Life as a Microtargeter: What Do You Really Need to Drive Behavior Change?

Womans National rally for suffrage.  Early 1900s.

Before joining HelloWallet, I was a microtargeter; I’d co-founded a small microtargeting company that helped non-profits find potential volunteers for their causes. We used machine learning techniques on huge datasets to identify people who might become active.  Our success was judged with randomized experiments showing whether the people we identified really did care about the... Read more

Does hard work build commitment to use a product?


I’ve struggled with getting organized for years.  Recently, I’ve tried out lots of “Getting Things Done” (GTD) task management apps to help me change my daily routines. In the reviews, I saw things like “it’s hard to use, but once you’ve mastered it, it’s amazing!” (e.g., ThinkingRock, Omnifocus). That reminded me of a common counter-argument... Read more

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