Behavioral Tricks for Better Holiday Spending

How can you get through the holidays without blowing your budget and stressing out over money?

I did a fun webcast for TD Ameritrade that shows you how to use  lessons from behavioral economics in your holiday shopping. It’s now available online, right here (jump straight to the meat of the video here:

It includes:

  1. Tips you can use to keep yourself on track  (e.g., using segregated accounts, paying with large bills, making a pact)
  2. How to outsmart the tricks retailers use to make you spend more  (e.g., beware the smell of vanilla and “I just bought this” tweets)
  3. What the research shows about the types of gifts that are effective and memorable (e.g., how physical gifts rapidly fade from memory, but experiences don’t)
The slides (without the audio) are also available here.