Draft Toolkit On How To Design For Behavior Change

The first draft of the Designing for Behavior Change toolkit is now available. Please check it out and drop me a line with comments and suggestions!

Here it is:  Toolkit v0.1
(If you’d like updated copies of the Toolkit as it progresses, just add yourself to the listserv here.)

The toolkit provides a brief summary of the key lessons from Designing for Behavior Change, and gives additional tips on how to apply the book to your own projects. The book itself provides very detailed guidance on how to conceptualize, design, implement, and iteratively improve products that help their users take action. It’s 350 pages of information though, and so this toolkit is meant as a quick reference guide.

Remember, the toolkit is very much still a draft, and I welcome your feedback.  Please can reach out to me on on Twitter, LinkedIn or Email (sawendel at hellowallet.com) with any comments or suggestions.

By the way — Designing for Behavior Change is almost ready!  It will be published by O’Reilly Media in November; you can get it at bit.ly/changebehavior.