My new book, Designing for Behavior Change, has just been published!

O’Reilly has just published my book, Designing for Behavior Change! I received my first printed copy on Friday, and Amazon started carrying it Monday. (It’s here on O’Reilly, use “DESBECH” for 30% off print and “WKUXDES” for the e-book, or here on Amazon).

Designing for Behavior Change

Behavioral technologies are increasingly popular and exciting, from products like Jawbone Up and Fitbit that help users exercise more, to Nest and Opower that help people spend less on energy.  Designing for Behavior Change shows you how to build these types of products, step by step: from conceptualization, to design, to implementation, to instrumentation and refinement. If your users struggle with some behavior – to exercise more each day, or just to build the habit of logging in – it’s designed to help.

It includes:

  • How users make decisions, based on research in behavioral economics and psychology, and what that means for overcoming entrenched behaviors;
  • The three main strategies to help people change behavior;
  • When to best apply techniques like peer comparisons, competitions, loss aversion, personalization, and scarcity
  • How to build on existing development processes like agile and lean;
  • How to measure your product’s impact and learn ways to improve it.

It’s about the practical, nitty-gritty ways you can use behavioral economics and psychology to help people take action through your products — changing their daily behavior and routines for the better.

You can get it on O’Reilly’s site at (use discount code DESBECH for 30% off print, or “WKUXDES” for 50% off the ebook until Nov 28th) or it’s on Amazon now as well.   Also, if you’re interested in reviewing the book, I’m happy to send you a free copy.  Just shoot me an email at steve at hellowallet.

One closing note: As I’ve said many times before — I owe a great debt to many readers of this blog for your help.  As many of you know, I sent out the book as I wrote it, and got excellent feedback and guidance along the way.  It’s a better book because of the great support you all gave. Thank you all.