Slides on Fogg & Speek; Next Action Design DC Meetup

Thanks for everyone that came out to the Action Design DC meetup last week. And thanks to Lab49 for sponsoring the food and drinks!

We’ve posted up the slides, here they are:

Danny Boice’s talk on Persuasive Design, using examples from Speek:

My talk, digging deeper into Fogg’s Behavior Model and Behavior Grid, and how to apply it:


There are some problems with the video, but most of the audio came through ok — drop me a line if  you’d like to hear it.


Also, we’ve just announced the next Action Design Meetup.

We have two researchers presenting clever and simple ways to help people improve their health.   For example, temptation bundling – combining something you really like with something desirable but not as exciting.

Since yesterday evening, we already have 65 people RSVPed– sign up quick!